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Privacy Notice

We collected data
When you register with the information we collect is generally used to communicate with you and to improve our services where possible, in particular, to help process payments or technical support functions or third trading.

In addition to personal data such as name, email address, shipping address, billing address, credit card or debit card number and expiration date, we analyzed the data to provide to all users a shopping environment in complete safety of participants. Example, we may collect and analyze data, including Internet protocol computer to the Internet, user name, password, computer and connection information to connect, such as browser type and version, system and operating the platform, comprehensive and unified (IP) address locator device resource (URL) clickstream through your website, cookie number (including date and time), or search for the product you view your purchase history, personal preferences and registration, or call our customer service phone number while number. By using our site, you receive your personal information may be used for this purpose.

We do not sell, distribute or without your consent or unless required or permitted by law to do so or to disclose your personal information to use this site. If you subscribe to our new version of information such as mailing lists, we may also ask you to answer various general questions about yourself. You may be prompted for your area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest, so that we can send you our payment information, we think you might be interested in the subject and commodities. By subscribing to our mailing list, you agree to the personal data can be used for such purposes. You also agree that we may from time to time with other Group business information. They will not use this information for purposes other than those listed here, and promotion of company brands outside.

Please note that we provide links to other sites, rather than being bound by this privacy policy, you should check these sites get their own privacy policy for more information.

In addition to the information you provide, information and data may be automatically collected through the use of cookies. Cookies are small text files that our Web site can use to recognize repeat users and allow us to observe behavior and compile aggregate data to improve our site for you. For example, cookies tell us if there is sound or text on your last visit, visit our website. Cookie also allows us to calculate the number of unique visitors and return to our site. You can configure your browser to accept or reject certain cookies or to alert you when a cookie is saved.

We are going through your registration file in cookies with our website or the information when collecting personal information and your online activities.

Some of our business partners may use cookies on your own site. cookies We do not have access or control, we can not install it on your PC or web browser you enter all the results of our site link to the site any failure to take responsibility.

We monitor customer traffic patterns, site usage and related information, to optimize the use of the Site, we may issue a summary of the statistics to reputable third parties, but these data do not contain any personally identifiable information you.

We can also use our collection to inform you of important changes to the functionality and sites or products, services or information providing remodeled, the information may be of particular interest to you. When you submit your information, check the necessary boxes or subscription service available on our website on a form, you expressly consent to such use and transfer within the extent permitted by applicable law.

shared data We comply and registered under the Act on Data Protection in the UK. We take all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized access and use of your personal data.

We must share with our data processing orders, processing credit and debit card payments, and providing a range of services, including business and technology to prevent fraudulent purposes partner. They bound by the Convention on Data Protection, we must treat personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the laws of protection of UK data.

From time to time, we may need to process your request, a more efficient way to move data outside the European Economic Area (the EU plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). In accordance with the Privacy Policy, you expressly agree to the transfer of data outside the EEA.

If you find a fraud on the site, or there is no limit, and the violation of intellectual property rights by using the Site connection, we can be in order to comply with applicable laws or regulations, or after personal information assert our rights and those of our business partner.

We are constantly working to improve the service provided. Therefore, we will inform you via surveys or upcoming promotions or other relevant information, through communication, phone, e-mail or SMS (text messaging) means, as long as you give your express prior consent sometimes attract customers. Your participation in this site may mean that we will contact you occasionally the chance to enter the competition. Participate in polls and competitions, subscribe to the newsletter is voluntary, you do not have to answer a survey or an invitation, you can receive our contest. If you choose to enroll in these surveys or communications, or participate in a contest, we will provide information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

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